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I’m Jenna, a mom of two young boys and blogger of many years at JennaBlogs.com. As a kid in California, my family and I took many, many trips to Disneyland, and I’ve been a Disney fanatic since. When I was ten years old, we visited Disney World for the first time.

Now, I’m a busy mom of two young boys, and wife to my husband Chris. We took our boys for their very first trip to Disney World in December of 2013 (it was my husband's first trip too!) and they fell head over heels in love with it. Now, we’ve got two trips on the horizon including a big family trip that I’m planning for 2016.

While helping a friend plan her first Disney trip, I realized that nothing like this site exists. Melissa, Lindsey and I are real moms who want to help other families plan their Disney trips, without feeling like they need to learn a foreign language. Disney planning should be fun and it’s our goal to help make planning your first or fiftieth trip a blast!

Hi y’all! Lindsey here. My husband, Nick, and I have been married since June 2005. We have a daughter, Anniston, and two dogs, BJ and Oscar. We’re from Arkansas and there are several things you should know about us. 1) We love God. 2) I love the Hogs; my poor husband loves the Oklahoma State Cowboys, bless his heart. However, we’ll choose not to judge him based on that, um kay?  3) We love spending time together as a family. 4) We love Disney.

We’ve taken two trips to Disney World together. Our first was May 2011 when Anniston was almost two. It was just the three of us. Our second was October 2013 when Anniston was four. This trip included our extended families as well as our own. May 2011 was both Nick and Anniston’s first trips. I’ve been several times before with my family, but these two were my first two to plan on my own.

Our love for Disney runs deep and I want to share that love with others. Planning the trip is almost as fun as going on the trip! I’m hoping that I can share a little of my knowledge with you so that you can have a fun and memorable trip.


I’m Melissa, Mom and blogger over at Superchikk.com. My husband Chris and I were married in 1998, and nine whole years later, we welcomed our son into our family, followed by our daughter three and a half years later. We are originally from Arkansas (Go Hogs!) and now live in the Nashville, TN area. I’m a stay/work at home Mom and we homeschool…life is an adventure around here every day!

I was 10 the first time I went to Disney World. My parents chaperoned our church’s (high school) Senior Trip, so my sister (who was five) and I got to go along. Bless their hearts. We were oblivious to the fact that we were probably highly embarrassing and a complete pain in the neck. But it was a blast, and something I will never forget. I went to Disney World again a time or two during high school on church trips, and Chris and I lived in the Orlando area for a little while just after we were married, which meant lots of things in and around the Disney culture.

 I used to think that people who went crazy over planning their Disney trips were, well, crazy. I’d been before - what was the big deal? And then we decided to take our kids in the fall of 2013. I started planning…and went crazy. I call it the Disney Vortex. It sucks you in and you don’t even care! I loved planning our trip, but I felt like there was a huge learning curve. There was a whole new language associated with Disney that I had to learn, not to mention trying to figure out how to do everything we wanted to do with kids and come out alive on the other side. All the hard work paid off – we had an absolute blast and I started looking into our next trip before we were even off of the Disney property. 

Hopefully, Jenna, Lindsey, and I can help you navigate this maze of Disney planning and help you keep your sanity at the same time!

Guest Contributors:


Hi! My name is Ashley and I have blogged for many years at OurHappilyEverAfters.com. I am married to my wonderful husband Kurt, and we have three children: Evy, Liam and Lynley (she is looking forward to her first Disney World trip this winter!). I gave birth to our girls and the Lord gave us our precious son through international adoption, which is a very special part of our family's story. We love serving in our church and this year we began the wonderful experience of homeschooling! Kurt and I love to travel and attend the theater together. We are proud to be a "Disney family" and we keep returning to Disney World because of their incredible standard of excellence and the innumerable memories we make together as a family!

I grew up in "Disney culture" from birth. My earliest years were spent living in Orlando, where we knew MANY Disney employees, so literally some of my very first memories are Disney-centered! All of the Disney music, movies, and experiences are very sentimental for me and I have loved introducing them to my children! I've made around 10 trips to Disney World in every way possible: as a teenager performing with my choir, with my parents and siblings, Kurt and I alone as a couple, large extended family groups and now with my children! We visit the World about once a year and there's something new and different that we experience each time! Our next trip is planned for January 2015. 

I fell in love with the process of "Disney planning" many years ago and I always enjoy sharing our experiences with others. Being known as someone who loves Disney is a lot of fun and it's a big part of who I am! My goal is to help people learn to enjoy the entire process of a Disney trip, from the earliest stages of planning when you arrive home and want to keep the memories alive. I look forward to sharing Disney magic together!
"Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings." - Walt Disney


  1. Sounds like this is going to be a great blog! I just followed you on Pinterest so I can keep up. I write DisneyMomma.com. Like a couple of you, I was married in 2005 and am now raising 2 boys. All 4 of us love Disney World and we are planning our 2nd trip with the kids soon. I look forward to reading your posts and running into you in the Disney blog world!

    1. So great to hear from you, Megan! We look forward to getting to know all of our Disney friends in the blog world!

  2. Ladies,

    Congratulations on this initiative.
    We are on the early stages of planning our trip to Disney in 2016. And for us, we still have to deal with new passports and visas. So, any information is good information : )


  3. Thank you Fabiola! You're going to have a blast!

  4. I am so happy that I found your blog and Facebook page, ladies! Your blog is so resourceful, thank you! I work with a Disney Earmarked travel agency and my goals align directly with yours, to help Disney loving families with FREE travel planning for their upcoming Disney trips. I'd love to be in touch with you ladies. Please visit my blog, coraljoytravel.com and reach out to me if you'd like! Thanks again!


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