Monday, June 8, 2015

Keeping the Disney Fun Alive at Home

by: Ashley

Our family LOVES our visits to Disney World, and we usually make trips every 12-18 months on average. But even at that frequency, we still go through withdrawal at home! And it's not just the kids - I'm just as bad! 

We've found that there are fun little ways to keep the Disney magic alive at home, and it makes the World seem closer to home! 

  • Watch Disney-themed YouTube channels! Our favorite is See Ya Reel Soon! We love watching Joe and Ashley vlog their trips to Disney World. Another fun channel for moms is Moms with Mouse Ears
  • Wear your Disney attire around the house! Don't just save the cute themed shirts and merchandise for your trips - make them everyday wear! 
  • When I'm at Disney World, I always make sure to look for souvenirs that "keep on giving." I love my bath bombs from Basin (stores are in the Grand Floridian and Downtown Disney), my Mickey earrings, and my Spa H2O products, just to name a few. Once I'm home, it's like a little piece of the trip is with me! 
  • Save your toiletries from your Disney resort hotel. They're great for travel and also to put in your guest room for visitors. The smell will take you right back to Disney!
  • Working on photo books from our trips is a fun project that helps me relive the memories! I use Blurb for our photo books, and I love how they turn out! 
  • Create a Disney Rides/Attractions playlist on YouTube! We turn on the playlist and "ride" our favorites - Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more! Just hearing the attraction music and sounds will transport you!
  • Bring some Disney flavors into your home! There are Disney-themed cookbooks available online, and it's fun to see if you can recreate your favorite dishes! We also love to make homemade "Dole Whips" from a super easy 3-ingredient recipe (found HERE)! 
  • Consider hosting a Disney party! Even just turning on Disney music and adding a few fun decorations can make an ordinary play date something really fun! 
  • Read up on the biographies of Walt Disney and other Imagineers. Learning their stories makes your trips even more meaningful. 
  • There are great books about all of the hidden magic in the Parks. Study up for your next trip! 
  • Help others plan their trips! Many people welcome any advice they can get, and I find that helping someone plan the perfect trip can be so rewarding! 
  • Join a Facebook group for Disney fans, like "You Might Be a Disney Addict. . ."
  • Decorate with Disney! Don't be afraid to hang a print of Cinderella Castle or even something small like cute salt and pepper shakers in your kitchen. It brightens your mood and makes your home unique! 
  • Browse fun websites like There are so many sites out there that feed a Disney fan's interests! 
  • Watch the "Confessions of a Disney Princess" videos from the YouTube user Jennifer Oakes. There are 3 installments, and they are SUCH an interesting perspective from someone who was formerly with Disney entertainment! 

There are so many little ways to keep Disney fun in your every day life and keep you going until that next magical trip!

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