Thursday, May 14, 2015

If I Had Only One Day at Disney...

By: Lindsey

Orlando has a huge conference and event center. So, it’s not too absurd to think that I might one day end up in Orlando with just one day to experience all of Disney. What would I do with my one day?

Well, let’s assume a few things in my dream Disney day. 1) There are no crowds and I can walk on to any ride I want without a wait time. Same with eating, I don’t have to wait. I walk in, I eat, I enjoy, and I leave. 2) I have a park hopper pass. I can go to whatever parks I want, whenever I want. 3) I’m not worried about time limitations. 4) I never get full. Ever. Remember, this is my dream Disney day. I make the rules. 

Here goes, if I had only one day at Disney….

I’d start out at Magic Kingdom. I’d get there early enough for the rope drop ceremony. I’d head straight to Fantasyland and hop on Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train. From there, I’d walk over to Gaston’s. While there, I’d eat a cinnamon roll and not share it with anyone.

Next comes, It’s a Small Word, because let’s face it, I’m sentimental and I can’t not ride that ride. I would stick around in Fantasyland for a little while longer making sure to ride the tea cups, Peter Pan, and Dumbo. Before I left, Fantasyland, I’d ride Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train one last time.

What comes next? A late breakfast at Be Our Guest. Why? Because the breakfast food just looks good, plus I want to eat inside the Beast’s Castle at least once while I’m there. From there, I would make my way over to Frontierland. On the way, I’d stop at Haunted Mansion and ride it at least once. Then, I’d ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as many times in a row as my stomach could stand it. Next up, I’d walk across the boardwalk into Adventureland and ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’d make my way across Adventureland to the front of the castle. I’d get a prime spot for watching the parade. Once the parade ended, I’d eat a late lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table. A girl is never too old for princesses. When I left CRT, I’d make my way towards Tomorrowland. There aren’t any rides, I’d stop for here, but I’d like to at least see it on my way out.

We’ll call it about two, maybe three, in the afternoon. Hollywood Studios would be my next stop. Again, there isn’t much I’d ride here but I would catch The Little Mermaid (yes, it needs to be updated in a major way but it’s still a classic) and Beauty and the Beast. I’d just take a walk around the streets before I headed to my next destination, Animal Kingdom.

Why would I go to Animal Kingdom you wonder? For one reason and one reason only – The Lion King. It’s the best show at Disney in my opinion. I absolutely love it every time. I’d walk in, catch this show, and then make my way to Epcot.

At Epcot, I’d ride Soarin’ and Test Track before making my way down to the World Showcase. I’d spend as much time as I wanted roaming around each country. There are so many hidden gems within the countries. So many! They are definitely underrated. Again, that’s my opinion.

By this point in the day, it would probably be pretty late in the evening. I’d head on over to the Polynesian Resort where I would have a late reservation at ‘Ohana at a table with a few of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. I’d eat until I couldn’t move all while enjoying the fireworks without the crowds.

That, my friends, would be my perfect Disney day. 

Now for reality. If I really and truly only had one day, I’d do a three quarters day at Magic Kingdom, trying to fit in as much as I could. From there, I’d head to Epcot and spend the rest of the day/evening there. I’d finish my day with dinner at ‘Ohana. Realistically that’s probably all I’d be able to fit. If I did happen to find myself with extra time, I’d do as much of the above as I could. 

If you only had one day at Disney, what would you do?

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