Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Recap: Epcot

by: Ashley
On the fourth day of our trip, we had a wonderful time at Epcot!
Up and ready to go!

We started out with Soarin' as our first ride! I took Evy and Liam while Kurt waited with Lynley (more on that in a minute). Liam wasn't so sure at first. This was his first trip where he met the 40" height requirement, so he had many new experiences! He was a bit unsure. . .but quickly changed his mind! He loved it!!

Like I said, Kurt watched Lynley while the kids and I rode Soarin'. They have a Rider Swap pass that you can use if one parent is waiting with a little one. But here's the trick: up to 3 people can return with the Rider Swap pass, and it doesn't have to be used right away! The expiration date listed is something like a year from now? So we saved our Rider Swap pass (it looks like the old paper FastPasses) and used it that afternoon when Liam and Lynley had gone back for a nap. So Kurt, Evy and I got to ride Soarin' all together in the afternoon when the lines were long, and it didn't count as one of our FastPasses! Just a fun and useful tip! 

We normally ride Test Track after Soarin', but it was broken down, so we headed to meet the characters! The kids did great! Lynley ran up to each character and posed perfectly! It was just adorable. Kurt and I didn't have to do anything except tell them to smile! Maybe we're almost to the "character auto-pilot" stage? 

After our super fun character experience, we headed to meet the whole family for lunch in Italy! We ate at Via Napoli and it was so good! The pizzas are huge, so it's great to share with a crowd. We ordered 2 large pizzas and 1 medium (or something like that) and shared it among 14 people!

After lunch, we headed to my favorite ride at Epcot, Spaceship Earth! I have a strong love for Audio Animatronics and "scenes" or vignettes. I also love the concept of time travel and seeing the progression of how things changed, so this ride is a great love of mine (much like Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom!)! 

After awhile, Kurt's parents took Liam and Lynley back to the hotel for a nap. Evy stayed with me and Kurt to have some quality time, and it was such a sweet time with her!

We crossed something off our Disney to-do list: Eating a "Cronut!" (Croissant and donut in one - YUM!). You can find them at the Refreshment Port.

Then we listened to the AMAZING Voices of Liberty! DREAM. JOB.

We visited all of the pavilions in World Showcase, including my favorite - the UK! Then we did Kurt's favorite thing: buying a treat from the caramel shop in Germany! We enjoyed the American Adventure show, and for the first time, I really paid attention to the statues along the side of the theater. I had never really realized what they represented, but it's so amazing. They each represent a "Spirit" of America, and the Mother represents the "Spirit of Tomorrow." I just thought it was so sweet, with her holding a baby. We're raising and guiding the little people that will make up "tomorrow." 

We had a fun time on the boat ride in the Mexico Pavilion, and by then it was time for dinner! Kurt's parents brought Liam and Lynley back, and they also brought Evy's costume that she had chosen to bring for dinner. She selected Anna, and she just looked beautiful!

We ate at Akershus in Norway for the Princess dinner! I know I'm biased, but I had the cutest little crew there!

As we predicted, Lynley went ballistic. I mean ballistic. She's in a Princess phase, so this was her dream come true! I took the kids around in the "parade" with the Princesses around the restaurant, then all in a row, the Princesses arrived at our table!

Ariel was SO SWEET. For some reason, Liam took an extra liking to her and he kept hugging her tightly. Ariel (who was clearly touched by it) said, "You're a snuggler, just like Flounder!" For the rest of the trip, Liam would randomly say "I like to snuggle. Like Flounder!"

It was a wonderful dinner, and we headed back to the hotel afterward. The kids got light-up toys with their meal, and I would say that Anna and Kristoff felt like royalty that evening! It was the perfect end to a wonderful day!

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