Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Book a Lunch Reservation at Be Our Guest

By: Lindsey

Want to eat at Be Our Guest but just can’t seem to get those coveted dinner reservations? You now have several options for a chance to eat at this very popular place! They now serve breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner. So if you just want to experience a meal in the castle, there are three great options for you.

On our last trip in December 2014, we weren’t able to get a dinner reservation for dinner at BOG. We were able to, however, snag a reservation for lunch. Getting a reservation for lunch is SO much easier now than it was when we made ours.

To get a reservation, which you can book for lunch at the 180 day mark*, you can call, use the app or book online just like any other ADR.  And the best news? Even though you can make reservations for lunch, it is still considered a counter service (or quick service) credit for those on the dining plan.

Wait. I said that was the best news, but now comes the real best news. Since switching over to the reservation system, you can also pre-order your meal 30 days in advance of your reservation date. Now, that might not appeal to some, it definitely appealed to me. You just log into your MyDisneyExperience on the site or on the app, navigate to your reservations and if you are 30 days or closer to your reservation, you can click the link under your confirmation number to select your meals.

You can select them for each member on the reservation, from your meal to your drink, even to your dessert! My mouth watered just looking at the menu. Anniston didn’t know about this trip at this point, so we just selected what we thought she would eat. Remember, if you are on the dining plan, for a quick service meal, your kids can order off of the adult menu. Anniston ended up getting an adult meal because they had more options we knew she’d like.

We checked in, got our cute little rose, found a table and our food magically appeared at our table. We, at that time, did not have an assigned seat. Whether that will change in the future with the new reservation system, I do not know.

We sat in the ballroom and it was very enjoyable. There was a hum of noise around us, but it wasn’t too loud or overbearing. We could still hear each other and talk at a normal volume. On another trip, we ate dinner at BOG and sat in the West Wing. If I had a choice, I would choose the West Wing over the ballroom just because there was so much to look at. Either room is worth it for the experience of eating at the Beast’s Castle!

Our food came very quickly. We only had to wait about five minutes once we were seated. The food was hot and very, very good. To be honest, I much preferred our lunch choices over our dinner choices the previous trip.
On our next trip, I can’t wait to try out the breakfast. It looks amazing! Have you been to BOG for breakfast, lunch or dinner? What was your experience like?

*At the time of this post, only lunch and dinner reservations can be made 180 days out. Breakfast reservations can be made 90 days in advance.

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