Thursday, March 5, 2015

Restaurant Review: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

 By: Lindsey

It’s no secret that Anniston loves princesses. So princess character meals are a must for us each Disney trip. Last year we visited Cinderella’s Royal Table and we loved it.

Sadly, this year by the time we booked our trip, there were no reservations for CRT. Since meeting the princesses (and every other character) is so important to Anniston, we decided to give Akershus Royal Banquet Hall a try. I’m so glad we did!

Akershus is located in Epcot in the Norway pavilion. It’s Norwegian food with some American options as well. We had lunch reservations. The check-in process was quick and easy. We had to wait about five minutes after our reservation time before our name was called.

After walking in, you meet with a princess and have your picture taken. We were so happy to see that it was Belle. And the most important part? She had on her gold dress. We had previously met her in the France pavilion but she only had on her blue dress. So we got to “meet Belle again and she was all fancy, mom!” Ha!

They took us to our table which was right next to the “Taste of Norway” bar. It has different kind of cheeses, seafood, cold meats, fruits, salads, and breads. This included with your meal for lunch and dinner. For your entrée, you order off of a menu – it’s not a buffet (yay!).

The “Taste of Norway” bar was very good. We tried a lot of different things. I will say, we did not love all of them, but it was fun to try new things. We each ordered something different for our entrée. I had the Chicken Sandwich. Nick had the Pan-seared Salmon. Anniston had the kid’s Pasta with Grilled Chicken (kind of like macaroni with chicken in it). We all enjoyed our meals very much.

As we ate, each of the visiting princesses came around to the tables. We met Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel, although they have a rotating list of visitors. Anniston could not wait to see Snow White since they “matched” that day.

Right after Snow White got to our table, it came time for them to do a Princess Processional. Snow White held Anniston’s hand as they gathered other little girls from the area and did a parade across the entire restaurant. It absolutely made Anniston’s day! “Mom, she held my hand and WE MATCHED!”

The dessert comes out on a sampler tray for everyone to share. It had a chocolate mousse, rice cream topped with strawberry sauce, and apple cake with whipped cream on top. I did not love the rice cream, but Nick and Anniston did. The apple cake and chocolate mousse was delicious!

We enjoyed our experience at Akershus very much and will definitely go back again. This is a great option for little girls (and boys!) to meet their favorite princesses and enjoy a different type of food!

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