Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Disney Planning Calendar {Free Printable}

By: Melissa

We're planning a family Disney trip for the fall, so it's time to get serious about making plans. Part of my planning process is to make a calendar just for our Disney trip. For my non-Disney life, I use an electronic calendar, but I also use an old fashioned analog calendar, aka paper and pen. Something about actually writing things down is not only therapeutic for me, but I seem to remember things better. So when it's time to plan for Disney, I want a paper calendar.

Another reason I like a paper calendar for Disney planning is so I can add as much or as little "real life" to it as I want. I can keep my planning calendar free of other distractions (real life can be distracting, you know), and it helps me focus when I sit down to plan.

What will I add to my planning calendar? I'll start with the basics:
  • Our trip dates - departure, park days, and return
  • ADR date (The first day I can make ADRs)
  • FP+ date (The first day I can make FastPass+ selections)
  • Last day to customize our Magic Bands
  • Final day to pay our Disney vacation balance
These are also the Disney planning things that go on my "real life" calendar. After you make reservations, all of the above dates can be found in the welcome packet Disney sends you.

After I get the basics on my planning calendar, I go back and:
  • Number the weeks backward from our trip, so I know how many weeks we have left to go
  • Add any major "real life" dates I think are important to our planning
  • Begin to add tasks and goals for myself, i.e. the week before our ADR date, I need to finalize our reservation choices
  • As I get closer to the trip, I add more details, and even write task lists at the top of the calendar
The thing I love about having a Disney-dedicated calendar is that I can add as much to it about our trip as I want. Then, when I'm done planning, I close my notebook and set it aside. Disney planning doesn't have to intrude into my regular calendar and task list except for when I want it to. That helps me not go overboard. I also don't have to try to keep everything in my head. Because, let's face it, that would not turn out well.

If you're like me and would like an old fashioned analog calendar to aid in your Disney planning, you're in luck. We just happen to have a free printable 2015 (or what's left of it) Disney planning calendar! Download, enjoy, and let us know how you like to use your planning calendar!

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