Thursday, February 5, 2015

Surprise! We're Going to Disney!

By: Lindsey

I’m not a surprise person. I hate surprises. With a passion. I’m a planner. I like to prepare myself. However, my people are the opposite from me. When it came time to plan our December 2014 trip, Nick suggested we surprise Anniston. Since she loves surprises, so I knew she’d love it. 
We talked about when would be the best time to tell her. Originally we wanted to tell her the morning we left. However, after we booked our airline tickets, our flight was so early, we knew that wouldn’t be an option. We decided on the night before we left. 
Then came the hard part – trying to decide exactly how to break the news. There are so many creative people out there who have come up with so many ways to do this! We talked about having a week long Disney special. We’d watch movies and theme dinners, etc. but ultimately that just didn’t work with our schedule. We talked about telling her right as she was falling asleep as part of our nightly routine of “silly things” we say to help her with nightmares. But we decided then she might not sleep at all. 
We decided to wrap a special present and have her open it when we got home. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love having outfits made for her to wear while we are at Disney (check out the ever fabulous SheSheMade on Instagram). We put those, all of the stuff we got her for the plane ride, our Magic Bands, her airline tickets, and an Olaf balloon in the box and wrapped it up. Our vision was that she’d open the box, the balloon would pop out, and she’d get excited and dig in.

Anniston isn’t your typical kid when it comes to opening presents. She takes her time. She savors the moment and talks non-stop the entire process. What should have been a minute or so ordeal, well, let’s just say I stopped the recording after almost six minutes. She understood what was happening when she opened the Magic Band box. She was excited, but not at the excitement level I had hoped for. She still had the rest of the box to go.

Now as the night wore on, she definitely got more and more excited. To the point where I wondered if we’d even be able to get her to bed excited. If I had it to do over again, I would just wrap the Magic Bands and airline tickets. That would have been enough for her to figure it out plus I think it would have allowed her to show her excitement more. She couldn’t concentrate on the excitement of getting to go to Disney because she still was concentrated on the rest of the present. 
After that extremely long intro, here is the real meat of my post today. If you decide you want to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney, here are a few links to creative ideas to break the news to them.  
  • Our very own Jenna has a couple of adorable ideas. Check out this post and this post!
  • WDW Prep School has 4 cute idea links. One being a scavenger hunt. So fun!  
  • Dixie Delights created a special meal as a part of a countdown to her Disney trip. You could do this for a theme night and then break the news at the end of dinner. So fun!  
  • Check out this awesome doorscape from Prettify Your Life! How fun would it be to come home to that? Love!  
  • Custom shirts  
  • If you are waiting for the day of, you could talk about having a day of fun. On the day of the trip, or day of fun, your first stop could be the airport. From this point you could break the news right then or keep it going for a little while longer.  
  • Pinterest is always a great place to find cute ideas. Just do a search for “surprise Disney trip ideas” and you’ll find tons of great ideas.
There are so many ideas out there. These are just a few and a few links to get your brain rolling. I honestly wasn’t sure about the whole surprise trip thing. I’m glad we did it. Our next trip, Anniston will be old enough to assist in the planning so that will be another fun first for us!
Do you have a great surprise story? Or a great idea? Leave them in the comments; we’d love to hear them. Happy Planning! 

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