Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Disney Uniform

by: Ashley

We just got back from a trip to Disney World, and it was wonderful! We had such an amazing time together as a family. Before we left for Disney, I shared in a post (on my personal blog) about what I planned to wear during our trip. I forgot to take pictures a few mornings, but this gives you a good idea! Click on my original post for all links and sources.
My basic formula was a Piko top (just a loose, flowy top) paired with comfy pants (jeans or woven pants with some stretch) and accessories like themed bows and necklaces. I just combined different colors to dress like Princesses (the color combos are pretty distinctive)! It worked great, I was comfortable, and I got lots of compliments! Here are how a few of the outfits turned out:

Snow White
I wore my blue Piko with my red Old Navy Pixie pants (VERY COMFY, which says a lot coming from me!). Before we left for our trip, I hot-glued a little ribbon around the top of the mouse ear headband, so I could slide different bows on. It worked great! I didn't wear my ears all day every day, but they were a cute accessory!

I changed out my bow and wore my lavender Piko, along with turquoise/aqua Pixie pants. Just a note: these are a jacquard material and fit a little tighter than the red ones (just not as much stretch). They were still very comfy though! I added my Ariel necklace from Etsy. I got SO many compliments on my outfits/necklaces throughout the trip!

I wore my red Pixies again and added a mustard/gold Piko. I loved my Belle necklace, and instead of mouse ears I wore the bow in the back of my hair (it felt very Belle-like!).

I wish I had taken pictures the other days, but on our first day in Animal Kingdom, I wore my hunter green Piko and jeans. For Hollywood Studios, I wore my mint Piko, Elsa necklace and jeans. For Epcot, I wore a black Piko, jeans and my Mickey necklace. I dressed as "Princesses" for Magic Kingdom days.

The verdict on Skechers GoWalks:
This was my first trip to try GoWalks and THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I would highly, highly recommend them for any time of travel, not just theme parks. I feel like they have a more subtle and tailored look than tennis shoes, but they are so incredibly comfortable. I had NO blisters or even soreness, really. Like I shared in my other post, I normally wear an 8 and I needed a 7.5 in the GoWalks (and for reference, I got the "Original" - I think there might be a couple of style options). Definitely get some!

I really enjoyed having fun with what I wore, but the style was still very much "me." It didn't feel costume-y at all, and I was so comfortable. Overall, I love how it all looked and felt!

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