Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Disney Dining: How to Do Breakfast in Your Room

By: Melissa

So maybe eating breakfast in your room isn’t exactly “dining”, and it’s certainly not glamorous. But it is quick, convenient, and can save you money and/or dining credits. With a little preparation, it’s actually pretty easy to accomplish.

We drive to Disney, so I prefer to take most things with me, then grab a few items once we get into town. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take up that much room in the car. If you fly or just don’t have room in your vehicle, you can order groceries online and have them delivered to your resort! Talk about convenience. Garden Grocer has a huge selection of items, including paper goods, baby needs, organic and all-natural products, and produce.

First, decide how many breakfasts/snacks you’re going to eat in your room. (Our Dining Credit Planner may help.) On our last trip, we did a character breakfast one morning, but either grabbed something in our resort food court or ate in our room (or a combination of both) the rest of the time. You can certainly utilize a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan for some yummy breakfast items like a cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern, pastries at the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom, or a cupcake from Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. The Quick Service food court at our resort had some yummy offerings as well.

Next, think about what you like to eat for breakfast. You’re certainly not going to be able to cook a three-course meal in your room, but you can have a hearty and healthy breakfast. With a mini fridge in most rooms, yogurt and fruit are quick and easy, and you can easily keep milk for cereal. Instant oatmeal is also quick and hearty. You can use hot water from the tap or use your Rapid Fill Resort Refillable Mug to bring some hot water back from the food court. As a special treat for our kids on our last trip, we had Pop Tarts along with our regular cereal bars and granola bars.

After you’ve thought about what you want to eat, you’ll need to consider what you need to eat with. Spoons, plates and/or bowls, and napkins/paper towels were on my list. These can be packed with your other items or ordered from a place like Garden Grocer along with the rest of your grocery needs.

My typical plan is to utilize a plastic tub for our breakfast & snack stuff. Keep in mind that whatever space you use to pack food will likely be empty on the way home, so you can utilize that space for souvenirs. I pack disposable plates & utensils, some sandwich and quart size Ziploc baggies, a roll of paper towels, and a pair of scissors. Yes, scissors. I found that I used them a lot on our last trip, and I was thankful I had them. I also tossed in a few rubber bands, some twist ties, and a couple of small binder clips to hold bags closed. Those can all be put into a Ziploc baggie and take up hardly any space. (For more on the weird stuff I packed, check out this post.)

You can have a great breakfast in your room – it just takes a little planning. So fuel up before you head to the parks and you’ll be ready for that rope drop sprint!

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