Thursday, January 8, 2015

When You're NOT Planning a Disney Trip

By: Melissa

Let’s be realistic. Most of us spend more time not planning a Disney trip than planning one. Or we’re planning one so far away, the number of days in our countdown is kind of discouraging and it seems like it will never get here. If you’ve been bitten by the Disney planning bug, it can be kind of depressing. But there are ways to keep the Disney magic alive while you wait.

(Countdown Calendar Image credit: Jenna)  

1. Live vicariously! I love to live vicariously through my friends who are planning and going on Disney trips. It’s so much fun to hear about how they are choosing to spend their park days and where they will be staying. And if they’d like some help planning, that’s even better!

2. Stay up-to-date on Disney news. Check out the DIS Boards, read a blog or two *cough cough*, check out Twitter, and subscribe to some newsletters that interest you. You’ll feel much closer to The World when you’re staying updated on what’s going on there.

3. Watch movies! You don’t have to stop having Disney Movie Nights just because you’re not planning a trip! Enjoy the time with your family and explore some new and classic Disney movies.

4. Remember! Take time to look through your photos from your past trip(s) and have fun remembering the time you spent with your family, the eight times you rode the carousel, and what your favorite moment of the trip was.

5. Enjoy the souvenirs you brought home from your trip – from coffee mugs and car window decals to Christmas ornaments, simple things you brought home from the parks can be regular reminders of the special memories made there.

6. Dream about your next trip. It will be two years between our trips, and I’ve been in some phase of planning since we left the Disney property! It’s true. No, it wasn’t anything concrete at first, but our thoughts were fresh, we knew what we wanted to try next time, and I started making a list. After getting home, I had time to dive into researching our next trip and choosing a resort.

What’s your favorite way to keep the Disney magic alive between trips?

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