Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ordering Groceries at WDW

By: Ashley 

Our family flies to Walt Disney World, and we quickly realized after a couple of flights that packing food, bottles of water, and other supplies adds a LOT of weight to your luggage! We also don't use a rental car while visiting the World (we use the Magical Express and Disney transportation), so going to a grocery store on our own wasn't really an option for us.

I'm so glad I discovered Garden Grocer! I'm able to pre-order groceries online and they are delivered right to our hotel. And often bell services will deliver straight to our room! It's wonderful to be able to think through what we'll need and be able to purchase them with the click of a mouse. 

Garden Grocer delivers to most of Central Florida, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios hotels. There is a $40 minimum on food/drink orders. The delivery fee is $14. The items are not severely marked up; it's more like shopping at a "nicer" grocery store in your town where everything is a little more expensive but not by a huge amount. The convenience is TOTALLY worth it to us! 

Here is what I recently ordered for our upcoming trip. My husband's parents will be with us as well. 

-Assorted breakfast bars
-Bottled water and bottled green tea
-Juice boxes
-Large bottle of apple juice 
-Value pack of individual cereal boxes 
-Gallon of milk

Our orders for each trip vary depending on our length of stay, the amount of people going, and what we learn from our previous trips! Disney has a lenient food policy, so we've found that it's nice to take little bags of Goldfish and juice boxes with us, just for a quick pick-me-up. It's also wonderful to not worry about fitting all of those things in our luggage. 

We've found that we like to have something quick for breakfast so we can get to each park before opening time. In our opinion, it's the BEST way to maximize you're touring! We'll even eat our breakfast bars on the way to the parks! Ordering groceries is something I can check off my list early, which gives me one less thing to worry about. We will have familiar foods that are quick and easy, which is a big help during any vacation!

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