Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Snack Credit Picks for Each Park!

by: Jenna

I'm writing this the week after I've returned from Disney (though it will post much later). I'm just sitting here, thinking about all the delicious food we had while we were there! I decided to narrow down my very favorite snacks by park.

If you want to see a full (really, really long but informative) list of every snack you can purchase at each park using snack credits, then I would suggest looking at this article from WDWGuru).

Magic Kingdom:

Dole Whip with Aloha Isle 
I could seriously eat these every day. It's such a refreshing treat, especially after a long, hot, exhausting (but fun!) day of walking around the park!

Hollywood Studios:

Cupcakes from Starring Rolls
I'll admit that I sent pictures of these to my fellow mom's here at Real Mom's Disney. This is just one of those things I think about all year and can't wait to have when I get to Disney! The butterfinger cupcake is divine! 

Animal Kingdom:

Chicken fried rice from Yak and Yeti
Sometimes, I'm really in the mood for Chinese food and I had heard great things about the fried rice at Yak and Yeti. I'm here to tell you that it's not only delicious, it's also a HUGE portion. I split mine with Chris and we still didn't finish it! The only downfall here is the line tends to be long and slow!


Chocolate Eclair in France at Les Halles
Unfortunately, I didn't make it to France for my elair. I headed over to China for some fried rice (leaving my family in Morocco...this sounds so weird!) only to find out that all they had was shrimp fried rice with the shrimp already in it (I don't eat seafood). I walked all the way back to Morocco and ended up eating a terrible falafel there instead. Regardless, eclairs are great and priced at over $4, it's a good use of snack credits. PS - Their chocolate croissants are great as well!

Downtown Disney:

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treat
There are some great snack stops in DD, but I picked up a Mickey shaped rice krispie as a snack one day and it was SO GOOD! It was also priced at around $5.75 which is probably the most expensive snack option I found.

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