Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cinderella's Royal Table: A Restaurant Review

by: Jenna

On this last trip to Disney, I decided to pick a restaurant just for me. My boys (my husband and my two kids) are always willing to indulge me in a few girly things each trip and so no one fussed when I picked Cinderella's Royal Table for our last meal of the trip.

The kids were actually really excited about the prospect of eating inside of Cinderella's castle (and of course, so was I!).

(Note: Cinderella's Royal Table is currently undergoing refurbishment which began shortly after our visit. It is scheduled to reopen on March 7, 2015.)

When you enter the Hall, you'll queue up to be greeted by Cinderella. One bonus about eating here is that you'll receive a free picture of your family with Cinderella, which they'll bring to you during your dinner. Boys will also be given a sword and girls a magic wand to keep. During the course of your dinner, you'll be greeted by Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine and Ariel.

I was really impressed with how quickly we made it through the line and were seated. From the time we arrived and let them know our name, to the time we met Cinderella, it was maybe 6 or 7 minutes. From there we went straight to our table. It was by far the fastest seating of any of our table service reservations (O'Hana was the slowest, if you're keeping track).

Your dinner (both adults and kids) includes a choice of appetizer or soup or salad, entree and dessert. You can view the full menu here.

Chris started with the shrimp and grits while I dug in on a cheese platter.

For dinner, we both went with the steak and shrimp.

We ended on a sweet note...I went with The Clock Strikes Twelve, but to be honest, I didn't care for it and only took two bites.

And Chris had the Chef's Dessert Trio.

However, the start of the dessert tasting, ended up being our kids Peanut Butter S'mores! They were delicious! If we go back, I'm going to see if they'll let me order this, ha!

Dinner came in at a whopping $204.44 but of course, we paid nothing because we used our meal plan. One thing to keep in mind is that Cinderella's Royal Table is one of the few Disney restaurants that takes TWO Table Service credits for one dinner. Since we were allocated meal credits for the day we arrived (4 snacks, 4 quick service meals and 4 table service meals) but we didn't get in until late, we just saved those 4 TS credits for this meal.

Is it worth it? Yes, I would say it is. Between the ambiance of the restaurant, the meet and greets with five princesses, the meal itself, the view of the fireworks and fact that you are paying to eat inside of the castle, I would recommend doing this at least once.

Have you dined at Cinderella's Royal Table? 
What did you think of it?

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