Thursday, December 18, 2014

Restaurant Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom

by: Jenna

Our very first night at the parks, I scheduled a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant which is located at the Beast's castle inside of Magic Kingdom. (For more information on how to book ADR's, check out this post). I had heard mixed reviews so I was a little unsure of what we would be getting food wise, but I knew the atmosphere looked so cool online!

I booked our dinner at 6:50 at night. You can check in 15 minutes prior to your reservation (we tried to check in earlier but they are pretty strict about the 15 minute rule) and you're handed a pager. We ended up getting paged about 5 minutes after our ADR time. We walked up to the doors of the castle and were greeted by a hostess with Lumineer. My kids were immediately sold on the place!

As we walked into the grand ballroom, our hostess explained that all three dining rooms (the West Wing, the two-story Ballroom and the Rose Gallery) were open that night (the Rose Room is where they serve quick service lunch and isn't usually open for dinner) and that after we ate, we were welcome to walk through the castle and take pictures. Also, we would be able to go into the Beast's library for a photo op.

We ended up in the Ballroom which is simply gorgeous. The windows are enchanted so it appears to be snowing outside. If you're on the Disney Dining Plan, this restaurant takes one table service credit per person and you get one non-alcoholic drink, one entree and one dessert per person. Be Our Guest is the only restaurant inside of the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol.

Here's a snapshot of the menu:

We decided to go ahead an order an appetizer, which we paid for (along with our tip as it is not included with the dining plan here) separately via our magic band (you can attach a credit card to them). I'm a big fan of artisan cheeses and meats, so when I saw they had a tasting platter, I had to have it.

I ordered the pork chop and Chris had the steak for dinner. Both were excellent but the steak was really phenomenal. 

Periodically, the Beast will walk (really it's more like a half run) through the restaurant on his way to the library.  I caught a shot (barely!) of him on his way there before dessert:

After dinner, it was time for the long awaited dessert. Since we were celebrating, our waitress put candles in the boys cupcakes. Brody went for the strawberry and Brayden (and I) went for the triple chocolate.

Meanwhile, Chris decided to take one for the team and ordered the mysterious Gray Stuff (you know, from the song Lumineer sings? "Try the gray stuff, it's delicious!").

The triple chocolate cupcake was by far and away, my favorite. I didn't taste Brody's because if there's chocolate and fruit on the table, I'll always head straight for the chocolate. The gray stuff was a real disappointment for me. It was served on this really hard piece of baked chocolate something or other...I'm a food blogger and I don't even know what it was supposed to be. Perhaps a very overcooked brownie or a piece of shortbread? I don't know but it wasn't very good. The gray stuff itself was just okay. It was the only thing we didn't care for!

After that it was picture time with the Beast in his library:

And then we took a quick tour of the restaurant.

Here's the West Wing. Originally I thought we would like to sit in there but it's really, really dark and I like to be able to see my food so I was very happy we ended up in the ballroom.

The rose that loses it's petals throughout dinner:

And here's the Rose Gallery, which was very cute. It's usually just open for lunch but when we were there they had a few of the tables (maybe 5, which was a little odd) set up for dinner:

And on your way out, be sure to stop here for a moment and listen to the suits of armor talk!

So, overall, this was by far our very favorite table service meal of this trip. We loved everything - the food, the atmosphere, the experience! It's also a fabulous use of free dining credits. Our meal without the appetizer would have cost right at $100 but because we got the Disney dining plan for free, we were only out the cost of the appetizer and tip!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Be Our Guest!

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