Thursday, December 11, 2014

Packing for Disney: What I'm Packing

By: Lindsey

In the wise words of Kid Rock, "Well I'm packing up my game and I'm a head out..." No, really, I'm currently packing for our upcoming Disney trip. We leave in just a couple of days. It never fails that I always forget something. Always.

Melissa wrote a great post about what she packs for Disney. We pack a little differently since we typically fly to Disney. She has a few great ideas if you have room in your bag!

Within my Disney planning Excel spreadsheet, yes, I know that phrase just gave me complete and total nerd status. I'm okay with that. Anyway, within my Disney planning Excel spreadsheet, I always create a tab for packing. When I randomly think of something that I might not think of while I'm packing, I add it to that sheet. It's saved me a million times. However, like I said before, I always manage to forget something.

  • A couple of changes of clothes and shoes for everyone. I don't want lost luggage to require a new wardrobe.
  • Any medications - properly labeled and adhering to the TSA guidelines.
  • Magic Bands - this is an important one if you are staying on property, especially if you are taking the Magical Express to your resort.
  • Paperwork. - Make sure you have confirmation nubmers and any other paperwork you'll need in your carry-on.
  • Camera - I don't trust my camera in a checked bag.
Personal Item:
  • Cell phones
  • Photo ID (for checking in at the airport)
  • Entertainment
    • iPad (or personal device), headphones, laptop, coloring books, etc
  • Snacks (non-sugary)
  • Blanket - you never know how cold it's going to be on the plane.
  • Any special items that your child can't be without. This includes blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc. They might need them for comfort. Plus you want to make sure they don't get lost. That, my friends, would be a terrible day.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hand santizier - make sure it meets TSA guidelines.
Checked Bags:
  • Clothing
    • When I pack, I try to pack each outfit in a ziplock baggie. It helps keep your bag organized. And if it's raining, it gives your clothes a little extra protection in case your bag gets wet.
    • This is how I pack clothing for a season where you have no idea what you'll need to wear. Layers. T-shirts, cardigans, sweaters, tank tops, shorts, jeans, you name it. We can layer and remove. Or add-on if needed. Anniston's outfits are all sleeveless dresses and such. I pack her leggings and sweaters that she can just throw over them if it's cool and we can go on about our day.
    • If you are like me and don't like to take a week off from working out (even with all the walking at Disney), pack a few workout clothes. If you aren't planning on doing laundry while you are there, pack a couple of extra ziplock baggies to put your sweaty clothes in. Ick.
    • Shoes - bring several options. You'll be walking. A LOT. You'll want more than one option just in case one gets uncomfortable.
  • Toiletries - you know what you need in this section.
    • Something I always forget, hair rubber bands. I always have to triple check that I have these. By the end of the day at Disney, I don't want to mess with my hair.
    • Bandaids of some kind. We prefer moleskins and blister bandaids. But make sure you bring bandaids. Nothing can put a hurt on a trip like a blister can.
  • Bag for park touring (if you used a backpack for your personal item, you can double and use it as this too)
  • Extra Disney magic - small souveniers that you can give your kids without having to spend a small fortune in the parks.
  • Ponchos - I don't want to have to spend my Disney money on this when I have some at home already.
  • Extra batteries for your camera
  • An extra bag - this is for those who plan on buying a ton of souveniers. If you don't think you'll have room in your bag for all your purchases, bring an extra bag. You'll have the extra bag fee at the airport, most likely, but you'll already have the bag ready to go.
This is just a short, general overview of packing. Think through each day and what you might need. But also remember this: there are Walmarts and other stores near Disney. If you forget something, you'll have a chance to buy it.

What do you pack in your bags?

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