Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Family Traditions at Disney World

by: Ashley
During the holiday season it's comforting and heartwarming to experience different traditions with your family. Some have been in the family for decades, and some are new that you've created for your own little family unit. You can make your Disney experiences really special by having "Disney traditions." 

I grew up going to Disney World, and now I take my own family there! We have a few fun things that we've always done together:

-Starting and ending the trip at Magic Kingdom. There's something magical about walking into Magic Kingdom on the first day of the trip and then making it the last thing you see! We've always done this, and that has now carried over to my trips now that I'm married with my own little family. Sometimes it might mean park-hopping or just spending an hour or two to bookend the trip (depending on crowds!), but we ALWAYS start and end with the classic park. 

-Going into Pinnochio Village Haus and waving to people riding "it's a small world." My family (Mom, Dad, and siblings) and I always liked to eat here and get one of the "special tables" overlooking small world. The last couple of trips I've taken with my husband (and children), we've gone inside and taken in the view. I love it!

-Buy a magnet and ornament. My husband and I started buying magnets at special places we've gone, and our plan is to fill up a giant deep freeze someday with all of our magnets. we can still fit them on the fridge right now, but I can't wait to cover a bigger surface with magnets! :) And of course, there's nothing better than decorating your tree with memories year after year!

-My husband and I started this tradition on trips we take alone or when we have a date (while the kids are with one of their grandmothers!): we grab a snack and sit right in the center of Fantasyland and people-watch. IT IS THE BEST!!! I call these moments "Mickey's Premium Moments" because that's the snack Kurt always gets, and it really is what I consider premium time on our vacations. It really is one of my favorite things. Try to take the time to sit and enjoy the details. This is why I love a 5-6 day trip!

-I have to see Beauty and the Beast : Live on Stage a million times each vacation. Belle is my dream role.

-I have to admit.......the Grand Floridian has become a new tradition. :) It's worth it to us to save ahead of time for it. We might not be able to take incredibly frequent Disney trips because of it, but that environment just can't be beat!

-I ALWAYS spend an exorbitent amount of time in the Disney Christmas shops. It's a major problem. But I don't consider it a problem.

-We grab a Dole Whip from Aloha Isle! THE BEST!

-I always say a little something to Cinderella Castle (and if I'm honest, Walt Disney) when we're riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (PeopleMover). It's a beautiful view when you swish by on the ride, and I always think to myself, "See you in a year!" or "Thank you for a wonderful trip!" 

-And finally, because this list could go on forever, a big tradition for me is getting teary-eyed each trip. Something always does it to me! Walking down Main Street, riding one of my favorite classic rides, experiencing something new and awe-inspiring that Disney has created, watching the fireworks, hearing the Monorail guy start his speech, watching my daughter's face literally light up a million times, laughing with my family as we create new memories. Inevitably, each trip, I have a few happy tears. :)

The best part about Disney World is that there are a million new traditions my family can start! I'm so excited to create new and unique traditions for us each time we visit our favorite place.

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