Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disney Experience: Pirates League

By: Melissa

I think most people are familiar with the Bippity Boppity Boutique in Magic Kingdom, and little girls absolutely adore it, as they should. But what if you have a boy? Or a daughter who’s just not that into princesses? Disney has thought of everything, as usual, and offers another “dress up” experience at The Pirates League. But unlike BBB, Pirates League services are open to adults as well.

For our first trip, we wanted to let Caedmon choose a special “experience”. We gave him a couple of options, and Pirates League was his choice. I showed him some of the options available, and he chose the Jake and the Neverland Pirates package.  Several packages include full-face makeup or heavy eye makeup. Full-face makeup wasn’t Caedmon’s thing. For the girls, the pirate packages are available, but there are also mermaid packages that have glittery makeup and nail polish.

I had read about The Pirates League, but I really didn’t know what to expect from the Cast Members once we were there. We actually had a great time! Caedmon had to “sign” the Pirates’ Charter, making him a full-fledged pirate.  We were taken into a room that reminded me of a hair salon – a pirate hair salon - and introduced to our Pirate Master – the CM who would be taking care of us. It was super fun! He actually played with Caedmon a bit – he put the cape on incorrectly as a joke, made sure Caedmon’s ears were secure on his head before starting, and a few little funny things like that. He then worked quickly and smoothly with the makeup and transformed my little boy into a pirate.

After the makeup and wig were done, we were ushered to a small waiting area. We then went into a “secret room”, where Caedmon posed for a photo in front of a cool backdrop with his new pirate gear. The photo is available for purchase separately, but because we had Memory Maker, we got it for free.

Caedmon had a blast being transformed into a pirate. We were there on a MNSSHP day, and there were several people getting their makeup done for the party that night.  The full-face makeup I saw was really well done.

Our Pirate Master explained how to get the special makeup off – he told us to use baby wipes or regular foaming shaving cream (rub it on, then wipe it all off). I had baby wipes, but not so much on the shaving cream. That makeup is some serious stuff. I was actually unable to wipe it off in the park, even with the baby wipes I had with me. But it smeared – badly. Our appointment was at 10 a.m., and by mid-afternoon, Caedmon looked something more reminiscent of The Walking Dead instead of Jake from Neverland. And when I tried to get the makeup off in the resort room using my makeup remover, it still took a lot of scrubbing.

Overall, Caedmon had a lot of fun, and the Jake plan was great for us – dressing up and minimal makeup. The price was also affordable. Will we do it again? Maybe. If he really, really wants to, I’d be inclined to say yes, but it’s not something I feel like we need to plan to do on multiple trips unless he asks – a lot.

So here’s the rundown:
  • You must make an appointment. Reservations open 180 days in advance and can be made by calling (407) 939-7895.
  • Adults and children 3 years of age and older are welcome.
  • The Pirates League is located in Magic Kingdom, near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Park tickets are required to enter, so make sure you schedule your appointment for a Magic Kingdom park day.
  • If you plan to have them do your hair, be sure to bring along a brush/comb.
  • If you have Memory Maker, you’ll receive your special photo as part of your package. If you don’t have Memory Maker, you’ll need to decide if you want to purchase the special photo.
  • There are, of course, lots of extras you can add on to your package and outfits available for purchase. We decided not to add any extras and still had a marvelous experience.
  • Definitely take along good quality baby wipes, makeup remover cloths, and/or some shaving cream (the cheap foaming stuff).

  • Have you been to Pirates League? What was your favorite part?

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