Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Real Mom's Top Picks for FastPass+

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Today we're going to talk about one of our favorite new features at Disney Parks - the brand new FastPass+ system!

At each park (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios) you'll be able to choose three rides or attractions and select the date and time you want to ride them up to 60 days in advance. If you're not staying onsite, then you can still link your park tickets and make your ride selections 30 days in advance.

Once you've ridden or visited all three rides or attractions, you can make more FP+ selections, one at a time. FP+ isn't just for rides. You can select meet and greets with characters, parade seating and even use it at Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch.

So, what would the Real Mom's select as their priorities for FP+? Let's find out!

Magic Kingdom:

Melissa: This is a new feature for me! The last time we were at Disney, Magic Bands were in the process of being rolled out. Things change quickly! I'm looking forward to our next trip though, so my selections will be: Elsa & Anna, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and either Haunted Mansion or one of the other roller coasters. We'll likely spend 2 or more days at MK, so I'll have to heavily consider what my kids are interested in at the time, and what we think we'll want to do. I'm not quite sure how tall my youngest will be, so I'll try to get something she'll definitely be able to ride with us.

Lindsey: I just made our FP+ selections for our upcoming trip this week. We are spending three days at Magic Kingdom this time. I had nine total selections. That seems like a lot, but there are so many great rides to choose from. If I had to pick only three, it would be Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (since it's new and we've never ridden it), Enchanted Tales with Belle (one of Anniston's very favorite things to do), and Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion will be closed for refurbishment for the upcoming trip, so since I had to replace that one, I would pick the Meet & Greet with Anna and Elsa. That would make Anniston's year!

Jenna: This is a great post for me because I made our FP+ selections for our November 2014 trip just recently! We are spending three days at Magic Kingdom so I was able to make 9 selections. My top picks are the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Peter Pan's Flight. Why? Well, Seven Dwarfs is brand new and I couldn't even get a FP until the very last day of our trip. Peter Pan was by far and away our longest wait when we were there last December and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my kids favorite ride! If your kids love Anna and Elsa, I'd highly recommend the meet and greet with them! Another busy ride is Under the Sea, Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Animal Kingdom:

Melissa: We already know we love Expedition Everest, so that one will probably go on the list. As will Kilimanjaro Safari and possibly Dinosaur.

Lindsey: My favorite things about Animal Kingdom are the shows. My number one FP+ for Animal Kingdom is Festival of the Lion King. It's my favorite show at WDW. We also got a FP+ for Kilimanjaro Safari and Primawhirl. Primeval Whirl isn't a favorite attraction for most, but Anniston adores it. 

Jenna:  For this park, we went with Kilimanjaro Safari (the wait is notoriously long), Expedition Everest and DINOSAUR!


Melissa: We skipped Epcot last time, so this will be our first time in this park! I would love do Soarin, and we'll have to see if the new Malestrom ride is open when we are planning to go. I really hope so! They're making several changes in this park that will take effect before our next trip, so I will have to wait until closer to time to make a decision for us - especially since it will be our first time!

Lindsey: Epcot is one of the two parks that have the tier system on FP+. You can choose one FP+ from Group 1 and two from Group 2. We rode Test Track last trip and loved it. We had to choose between Test Track and Soarin, so we ended up choosing Test Track. We also went with Nemo and Spaceship Earth. I absolutely hate Spaceship Earth. I'm terrified of heights and, yes, I know it's indoors, but I know how high I am and I get so nervous. But my people like this ride, therefore, I ride.

Jenna: Our favorite ride here is Nemo, so I had to get one for that. Additionally, I choose Mission Space and Soarin, neither of which we did last time, but if Soarin is anything like the ride in California, it will be good.

Hollywood Studios:

Melissa: My kids LOVE Toy Story, so Toy Story Mania is a must for us. I'm hoping Caedmon is tall enough to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster next time, so we'll have to play that one by ear (see Jenna's explanation below). Star Tours will also be a must-ride for us, as we are total Star Wars nerds. There, I said it. Nerds. I don't know what else we'll be choosing since our trip is still several months away and there are several permanent ride closures scheduled between now and then. Hopefully, something new and exciting will be waiting for us!

Lindsey: Hollywood Studios is the other park that has the tier system. We choose Toy Story Mania out of tier one. Out of tier two, we chose For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration and Indiana Jones. Frozen is a favorite in our house, and in case you haven't noticed, we love shows. I wanted to get a Beauty and The Beast FP+, but it was in tier one. So we went with Toy Story Mania. Indiana Jones is going away, and Nick has never seen it, so it was a must-do for us this time.

Jenna: Toy Story Mania is a MUST for Hollywood Studios. This park also has the tiered ride system and you have to pick between Toy Story Mania and Rockin' Roller Coaster. Once you've used up your FP selections for the day, I'd highly recommend switching to that ride. The good thing is that Rockin' Roller Coaster has a single rider line that is usually just as fast at the FP line and since Chris and I are the only two that can ride it, that's probably what we will do. We also choose Star Tours because it had a decent wait last time and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular because they are getting rid of it and we anticipate a wait.

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