Friday, October 10, 2014

Saving Money at Disney with Gift Cards, Part 2

By: Melissa

Last week, I explained how we can save 5% on most things Disney by purchasing Disney Gift Cards at Target. This week, we’ll get a little crazy and talk about discount double-dipping.

What’s discount double-dipping? Since I totally just made that up, I’m glad you asked. Discount double-dipping is when you use a credit card that gives you rewards (dollars, points, miles, etc.) and still get a discount on Disney Gift Cards. It does take an extra step or two, but if you’re looking to use your rewards to help pay for your Disney trip, it can help get you there faster!

Hang with me – we have a couple of different ways to do this!

These Target scenarios require two things: You must have a Target RED card and you must have a account with your RED card set as your default payment method. (That last part is very important!)

Ready? Let’s go!


So what you would do is use your rewards credit card to purchase gift cards, then use the gift cards online to purchase Disney Gift Cards. This scenario only works online, and only when a RED card is set as your default payment. Target had taken these entertainment cards off their website for a short time, but they’ve reappeared. I’m not sure if it was an availability issue or if they were trying to take away the option. But they’re back as of right now, and I know people are having success with ordering them.

Another option for those without Target: Forget everything we just talked about. Ok, don’t quite. But if you’re a member of Sam’s Club, you can order discounted Disney Gift Cards from their website! As I write this, they’re offering single $50 cards and a package of 3 $50 cards ($150) and FREE shipping. Here’s how it works:


The single gift card is offered at 2.24% discount, and the 3-pack of $50 cards ($150) is offered at a 4.68% discount. The discounts aren’t as deep as the Target discount (5%), but if you don’t have a RED card or a Target nearby, this is still a good option.

A couple of helpful hints for after your gift cards arrive:

  1. Check your balance. Make sure the cards were activated before you throw away your receipt/packing slip. (I’d personally keep these anyway – at least until after the trip.) Most of the time, there is no issue, but it never hurts to check. And if there’s a problem, it will be much easier to fix now!
  2. Some experienced Disney Gift Card orderers on the DIS Boards recommend ordering in small batches. It seems that in their experience, problems are less likely to happen in small batches. And with free shipping, there’s no reason to worry about multiple orders.
  3. If you use Disney Gift Cards to pay part of your vacation balance, keep the cards. Use a Sharpie to write the date & amount used on each, and file them away until after your trip. If you need to change your trip (especially if it requires a refund), you might need the card numbers. Once you return from your trip, you can toss the cards or let the kids play with them.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Have you purchased Disney Gift Cards? Will you try this to save on your trip?

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