Monday, September 29, 2014

Restaurant Review: Dinner at Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom

By: Lindsey

(What's with kids and crazy smiles? Ha!)

It’s no secret that reservations at Be Our Guest can be hard to get. I woke up early on the 180th day before our October 2013 trip. I don’t normally like to get up early. Can someone tell my daughter that, please? But I don’t mind to get up early for Disney.

I decided to call versus using the website. I had my plan in my Excel spreadsheet and was ready to go. When I called, the first reservation I asked for was Be Our Guest for the day we wanted. They didn’t have one on that day. We tried several different days and only found one reservation for the entire week we were there. I booked it and adjusted my other restaurant choices to fit (same restaurants, just different days). This wasn’t an issue since we had the park hopper tickets. I felt like I had won the lottery.

Our reservations were pretty early in the day at 4:15 pm. We got there a few minutes before our reservation and checked in. The wait wasn’t bad since there were so many details to look at. They called our name (the pagers weren’t working) and they took us through the restaurant.

All of the pictures below were taken with my cell phone. I apologize for the terrible quality.

We were seated in the West Wing. While the ballroom was gorgeous, I personally loved the West Wing. There was something to look everywhere you looked. Every so often, the thunder would grow louder and louder. There would be a flash of lightening and the portrait of the beast would switch from the Beast to the Prince. Anniston had so much fun watching for that picture to switch.

We were also seated where we could see the enchanted rose. Disney really does everything to a high standard.

While we were eating, we heard people starting to stir. We looked around to see what the commotion was. The Beast had arrived. He walked through the dining room and the West Wing before retiring to his study.

Now is a good time to cover the food. While the main course wasn’t bad by any means, it was definitely not the best meal we’ve had at Disney. The dessert, however, was wonderful. We each tried a different cupcake and the gray stuff. The gray stuff gets two thumbs up. It was great!

That being said, what the food lacks, the atmosphere makes up for it and much more. I would eat there a hundred more times just to look around and enjoy the experience. I have a feeling you’d find something new each time.

After dinner, we were able to visit the Beast’s study and meet the man himself. We loved looking around while we waiting in the short line. Anniston was thrilled to get to meet him. He doesn’t sign autographs, but you can have your picture taken with him.

Overall, it was a great experience. Like I said before, I’ll go back as many times as we can. Have you been to Be Our Guest? If so, what was your experience like?

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