Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Disney Style: Halloween Costumes!

It's that time of year again...are your kids excited about dressing up for Halloween? Ours are! Here's how the Real Moms do Halloween (with a tiny bit of Disney thrown in)!

My kids LOVE dressing up for Halloween and have the best time picking out costumes. Last year, they went as Jake and Hook. They loved their costumes and everyone complimented them!

The year before, the decided they wanted to be Willie and Jase from Duck Dynasty. They were still pretty new then, so there weren't costumes being sold. Instead we pieced together our own. Now, they sell prepackaged ones (which would have been SO much easier!).


Anniston loves dressing up and Halloween isn't any exception. On an average day, she probably changes clothes five to eight times and most of those include some sort of costume.

Last year we were at Disney on Halloween at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Anniston had gotten her make-over at Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique earlier that day and was all princess-ed out for the evening. She decided to be Aurora.

This year, Anniston wants to be a witch. I'm trying to talk her into Maleficent, Glinda the Good Witch, or even The Wicked Witch. These costumes are a bit more expensive. But since I pretty much live in an ongoing musical, I'm sure they will get used much more than just on Halloween. 


At our house, costumes aren’t limited to Halloween. My kids love costumes and wear them year-round. It’s nothing to see my sweet little delicate flower parading around in my son’s old Captain America costume or run screaming through the house in a Spider-Man mask. She also somehow finds a way to wear two princess dresses at once...while wielding a light saber or ninja sword. My son will bound down the stairs as a pirate or commando on any given day. I don’t mind spending a little extra on costumes, knowing they’ll get well-used for a long time.

Last year was the first year my kids really got into Halloween. We’d recently moved into a very kid-friendly neighborhood, and it was their first year to trick-or-treat for real. They went as a princess and a Navy Seal, which completely depicts their personalities.

This year, we’re planning for Iron Man and a princess – but we haven’t decided which one. We already have Ariel and Sofia dresses. But I think my sweet girl is leaning toward Elsa…along with a few others, I’m sure.

My husband and I don’t dress up. I know, we’re boring. But we know lots of families who dress up with a theme. If we were to do that, I think we’d have to be The Incredibles. I think we could pull off Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, and Violet. In reality, we’d probably end up wearing matching t-shirts and calling it a day. We’re lazy low-key like that.

What are your kids (and you) dressing up as this year? Have you bought your costumes yet?

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