Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney Experience: Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique

By: Lindsey

One of the things that I looked forward to most when I found out I was having a daughter was introducing her to all things Disney Princess. I loved them when I was young and I hoped that Anniston would too. I imagined the moment when she met the princesses for the first time or saw the castle. One of the things I looked forward to the most was taking her to Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique.

Warning: this post contains a lot of photos.

When we planned our first trip to Disney in 2011, I wanted to take her. Badly. However, the poor kid, at almost two, had zero hair. So I had to put off my dream and wait a little while longer. I told Nick from the moment we returned from that trip he had better prepare himself for the next trip. She was going, hair or no hair.

I read a lot of discussion forums on when was the best time to go. We decided that for us, the best time would be early in the morning. Anniston tends to be a morning person. Plus, we knew it would just make her day. Then our trip changed and we decided to go in October. We would be there on Halloween; what better day to do it?

I waited and waited for the 180 day mark. I got up and made our ADRs first, then I made our reservation for our, ahem, her princess makeover. We were able to get the first appointment of the day on Halloween day.

When it came time for our appointment, since it was before park opening, you go to this special spot to wait. It’s over to the left (if you are looking at the gates). From there, a guide will accompany you to where you need to go. There were groups heading in for breakfasts, makeovers, etc. so make sure you tell the guides where you need to go.

We got there and checked in. Anniston got to pick what hairstyle she wanted and her fairy godmother got to work. Since we had outfits made for Anniston to wear while we were there, we opted to do the base package. She had her hair fixed, her nails painted, make up applied, and a sash to wear. She got a little backpack where they put the nail polish, extra makeup, comb, and a few other little trinkets.

She absolutely loved the process. And, since we had the Memory Maker (PhotoPass+), I just got to sit back and watch. The Disney photographer took all the pictures for us. She loved every single second.

Those fairy godmothers can work wonders with any type of hair. I was impressed. They sprinkled a little “fair dust” (glitter) and said a cute little saying before turning her around to see herself. Her smile was worth every penny, every moment, and my long wait to get to take her.

After the makeover was complete, we went over to the studio to have some pictures taken. Again, since we had Memory Maker, this was free of charge to us. They turned out so adorable.

Anniston slept on that hair for two nights. Every single hair stayed in place. When we went to wash it out, it was quite the process. So if you are worried about it lasting all day, or even two days, I wouldn’t worry about it very much.

We had a great experience at Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique!

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