Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What To Keep In Your Disney Backpack

By: Jenna

Ever wondered what you should keep in your Disney backpack? Here's what I kept in mine!

Trip folder: I kept a three pocket folder in our bag that had printed copies of the following:
~ All ADR confirmation numbers
~ Hotel, car, stroller reservations showing payment and confirmation numbers
~ Flight info
~ Maps of each park
~ Parade routes
~ List of rides you want to make sure to go on
~ Stroller tags that I made to attach to our stroller
~ Copies of my payment for our tickets
~ This would also be a great place to keep character meet & greet times/locations

Keys/Magic bands
Water bottles
Plastic bags to store phones/money during water rides
Hair ties
Wet ones/baby wipes
Camera with an extra battery

Lightweight jackets

Keep in mind that each park inspects your backpack every time you enter!

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