Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Know Before You Go - Paperwork to Bring With You!

By: Jenna

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When you're taking a trip as involved as a Disney trip, it's great to be ahead of the eight ball. One of the ways I like to be prepared for anything is by taking a travel folder with me. I purchased an inexpensive three compartment folder at Wal-Mart and kept everything that had a confirmation number in it, along with a few extras, in it. One section was for travel, the other for food and the last had extras like parade information in it.

Here's my list for what to keep in your Disney folder!

One thing I don't keep in my folder are park maps, and that is because I prefer the pretty, large ones that I can get right in the parks over printing something out at home.

I also made a schedule for every day of our trip, and it included a basic game plan for each day (what park we were going to, where we were eating, what rides we were going on etc). Those were also kept in the folder!

I hope you find this helpful!

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