Friday, August 8, 2014

Adding Magic: Photo Books of Your Disney Trip

By: Melissa

One of my favorite keepsakes from our first trip to Disney is the photo book I made for the kids after we returned. We had 250+ photos from our Memory Maker (then called PhotoPass+), and I took over 1,000 myself!
Photo Books Title

To make our photo books, I chose to use Shutterfly. I have always been pleased with their products and speed. I was able to take advantage of a sale, and got my photo books for 50% off with free shipping! It was a much better price than ordering from the PhotoPass website.

Photo Books 2

The hardest part was choosing which pictures to use! I created a folder and copied the photos I wanted for the book into it. I could add photos from MemoryMaker, my camera, my phone, and Chris’s phone, and sort them by date so I could order my book just like our trip. Then, I uploaded them all to Shutterfly. With their customizable templates, I was able to get the exact look I wanted. It took me a few pages to figure out all the options, but once I did, the rest was a breeze. I had to be sure to keep an eye on how many pages I was adding, because price is based on how many pages are added.

Photo Books 1

I decided to print three books – one for each of the kids, and one as a true keepsake for the family. Caedmon looks through his occasionally, but Honor “reads” hers almost daily. She refers to it as her “Disney Junior book,” and can tell you all about every photo, where we were, and what we were doing. I thought she might not remember the trip since she was just 2 ½, but she will randomly remember details we don’t normally discuss while we’re looking at the book!

Photo Books 3

This was definitely a great investment for us, and a super fun one, too!

What’s your favorite keepsake from your Disney trips?

**This post contains an affiliate link. However, this post was my idea, and all opinions are my own.**

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