Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Favorite Snacks at the Disney World Parks

Every once in awhile, the Real Moms enjoy doing a group discussion post. Today we’re discussing our favorite snacks at each Disney World park and Downtown Disney!

Great tip: If using a dining plan, keep these places in mind for your snack credits!

Favorite snack at Magic Kingdom:

Melissa: I had all kinds of places lined out for our snacks, but we really didn’t eat a lot of snacks while we were in the parks. But I did love the Dole Whip. I shared one with Honor, and kind of wished I’d gotten my own! I chose to get the orange flavor, and the Cast Member looked at me like I was crazy for not getting pineapple. But I had a hankering for orange that day. And it was delicious. I had really planned on hitting the Starbucks on Main Street, but it was packed and I didn’t want to wait.

Lindsey: Oh gosh. While I loved the Dole whip, the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s Tavern were amazing. We used some of our snack credits on our dining plan to keep them in the room and heat them up for breakfast. We also tried LeFou’s Brew. I wouldn't say it was my favorite drink, but it’s something to try at least once! We also LOVE the smoothies at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland. They are another great option for breakfast in the park.

The size of the cinnamon roll compared to Anniston's hand! 

LeFou’s Brew

Jenna: Dole whip, hands down! I LOVE pineapple, so this is actually my favorite snack, period. I wish they offered it at every park! PS - It’s available at Aloha Isle. Next trip, I plan on tasting a cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern.

Favorite Snack at Animal Kingdom:

Melissa: I’m not sure we got any snacks here! We only spent half a day at AK on our trip. We ate lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue, and it was very good.

Lindsey: We used our snack credits at this park to get breakfast at Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. Anniston and I got different kinds of danishes and they were very good. That’s the only snack we got at AK.

Jenna: Can you believe I didn’t have any snacks at AK? I’ve read that the best use of a snack credit here is the fried rice from Yak and Yeti. It looks delish!

Favorite Snack at Epcot:

Melissa: We skipped Epcot last time. But I hear there are lots of great snacks, especially during the Food & Wine Festival!

Lindsey: I love food at Epcot. However, I don’t think I’ve eaten many snacks here. We did stop at the Starbucks while we were there, again, for breakfast. I got a decaf coffee (I know, I know) and the rest of my people got pastries or breads. We all enjoyed it very much and were able to use our snack credits!

Jenna: The crepes in France. We’re big crepe fans! We had the chocolate stuffed crepe topped with strawberries.

Favorite Snack at Hollywood Studios:

Melissa: I probably shouldn't admit this, so don’t judge me. We ate lunch at Pizza Planet, and I got a Cappuccino Cupcake with my meal (it’s also a snack credit). I had plans to take a nice little picture, eat half of it, and share the rest with someone else in the family. And then I inhaled every last crumb. It was amazing.

Lindsey: I’m with Melissa on this one. She warned me about that cupcake before we went and I couldn't wait to try. It was definitely my favorite snack at this park!

Jenna: The HUGE cupcakes at Starring Rolls Cafe. These things are giant! We got two and split them between the four of us. The Butterfinger was out of this world!

Favorite Snack at Downtown Disney:

Melissa: We had a fun experience at Goofy’s Candy Company. The kids loved checking out all the fun items, and their handmade stuff looked delicious. We ended up with a few different snacks - an iced cookie and (enormous) Mickey shaped Rice Krispie treat. Everything was yummy. And I’m with Jenna on the ice cream shoppe, too!

Lindsey: We didn't eat a snack on our last trip there. However, our first trip we did and I’m with Jenna on this one. You can’t beat ice cream shoppe! It was so yummy! Next time we go, and I know this isn’t in Downtown Disney, I want to try the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. I’ve heard it’s amazing!

Jenna: The Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shoppe...ohmyword. You can’t use your snack credits here, but it’s worth the trip anyway. This was a realllllly close second to the Dole Whip for my all time favorite snack. We got a salted caramel sundae. So, SO, SOOO good!

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