Monday, July 7, 2014

Disney Style: What We Wore to Disney

By: Lindsey

Disney Style is probably one of my favorite blog topics. Which probably makes me a nerd and I’m okay with that. If you've never been to a Disney park, or really any theme park before, one of the first things you’ll notice when you get there is that everyone has their own way of dressing. Some will make you want to cover your child’s eyes and some are absolutely adorable. Of course, you’ll see your fair share of princesses, princes, and pirates too.

When we were planning our first trip to Disney, I wanted Anniston to have a special outfit for each day we were there. We were on a tight budget so I made most of the outfits myself. I decided to theme them around each park we’d be visiting that day.

I give you Outfits of 2011:

Animal Kingdom
You can't see this one very well but it's a blue shirt with a leopard print Minnie ears and a leopard skirt.

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios
Another one you can't see very well. It was a tank dress with the material that looked "Hollywood." The applique is the Cinderella outline.

This one was my hardest one. It was hard to come up with an idea and it was also hard to applique. This is the outline of the United States with a heart over where Arkansas is. I figured it worked with all of the different country pavilions at Epcot. 

We went to several parks this day since it was our "free" day. 

Magic Kingdom
Our very last day. We ended with a standard Minnie shirt.

When we decided we were going to make our second trip, I knew that I wanted to have Anniston wear cute Disney clothes again. My budget wasn't as strict this time, so my friend, Ashley, made Anniston outfits inspired by princesses. We loved them. However, I decided to take it one step further. I wanted to coordinate my outfits with Anniston. I tried my hardest to get Nick to coordinate with us. He did a day or two but mostly he just wore his own picks. Maybe I can convince him the next trip.

I didn't wear actual princess clothing. If Anniston's dress was Sofia themed then I wore purple shorts and a white shirt. I say I did it for the pictures. And the pictures are pretty cute, but I also did it because I'm the nerd who likes the family to coordinate. The pictures below are just of Anniston's outfits. I figure most people will want to see her anyway; she's a whole lot cuter than me. :) I'll do another post later where I show you what types of things I like to wear to Disney.

Outfits of 2013:

Travel day! Minnie shirt!

Animal Kingdom: Rapunzel

Magic Kingdom: Belle 
Although it's not great quality, I had to include the picture of Anniston meeting and dancing with Belle. She was so happy, she cried. And, there you go people. Reason #6565235 why we go to Disney - for moments like this.

Hollywood Studios: Sofia

Epcot: Ariel

Magic Kingdom: Cinderella

Magic Kingdom: Snow White. 
This was also the day we went to Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique. Watch for a post on our experience there soon!

She also wore the Snow White dress on the way home. This is how we all felt when we landed back in Arkansas. 

I can't wait to start planning outfits for our next trip. What are some of your favorite things to wear to Disney?

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