Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chef Mickey Restaurant Review!

by: Jenna

When you hear the words “character breakfast” I think it’s safe to assume that most people think of Chef Mickey.

It all started back in 1978 when breakfast with the Disney characters was available every Sunday morning. Can you believe that back then there were no reservations required?!

It’s hard to imagine, I know. Now people are planning their character dining experiences 180 days in advance. Chef Mickey still remains at the top of that list for most people.

My first experience with Chef Mickey was in 1994; I was ten at the time. My family is from California and this was our first trip to Disney World though we were frequent visitors to Disneyland. I’ll always remember that breakfast. We were staying at the Contemporary Resort and the breakfast took place downstairs. Every morning at 6am the music would start (it's 8am now) and we would hear other people having fun downstairs. Finally, it was our turn. I still remember the hugs I got from Mickey and Minnie!

More recently, in December of 2013, I took my boys (and Chris - it was his first visit too!) to Chef Mickey for breakfast. We arrived right on time for our reservation and waited to be seated.

And waited.

And waited some more.

It was quite a long wait. But hey, we were excited. The FAB FIVE were there. We could see them over the tops of the benches lining the waiting area.


Finally it was our turn to go back. We were led to a half booth, half table in one of the dining areas where our waitress promptly took our drink order and instructed us to head to the buffet. The buffet itself was pretty good - there are the classics; Mickey waffles, bacon, eggs, cheesy potatoes and then some fun and interesting items as well like turkey hash (which was really good!), blintzes and breakfast pizza. They even had an array of desserts for breakfast including some delicious brownies. My kids were in heaven!

I don’t think much has changed in the last twenty years. The food is the same, the characters are the same and the location is the same. It unfortunately did feel like it hadn’t been deep cleaned in the last twenty years which was a negative for me. I tend to be a little bit of a clean freak!

One thing you might worry about leading up to a character breakfast is “will I really get to see them all?” The answer is yes. Disney is a well oiled machine and they really know what they’re doing. We saw all 5 characters within 30 minutes. We got to take several pictures with them and they autographed my kids books! The characters at this particular breakfast are Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto.


So, should you visit Chef Mickey for breakfast?

Is it your first trip to Disney? Are you traveling with young kids? Do you want to skip the long lines for these characters and meet them while you’re enjoying breakfast? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely go!

So, what are the negatives?

This is really dependent on what you’re used to and willing to put up with. The restaurant is very loud. There are lots of very excited kids (and some very excited adults!) and it’s set up in an atrium style room which lends itself to making the noise seem even louder.

Do you like buffets? This isn’t a signature dining experience, but there is a lot of selection and the food is fair/good. There are so many choices that most people can find at least one or two things they enjoy!

Cost: At the time of this article, breakfast for children ages 3-9 costs $17.99 and 10+ will run you $32.99.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve visited Chef Mickey and what you thought!

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