Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All About Autograph Books

By: Jenna

Here is something I had no idea existed until I began planning our first family trip last year. Autograph books! I think I first discovered them while browsing Pinterest and I thought they were so cute!


Basically, an autograph book is a cute book for kids (or heck, adults!) to carry to the parks and get their favorite Disney characters to sign. We’ll be doing some posts on hunting down your favorite characters later, but for now, you should check out Kenny The Pirate’s website for information on where and when to meet all of your faves. Of course you can find books at the park; when I was there they had a blue plastic book that had all the characters on the cover. I wasn’t going crazy and ordering a bunch of monogrammed shirts and such (though I certainly thought about it!) so I decided to splurge on custom books for my kids. The best place to find customized autograph books is on Etsy. I found mine at this shop. There are also some great tutorials on DisBoards for making your own. The first page had their names and the date of our trip:

We kept ours in our backpack that we hauled around to the parks and restaurants and we didn’t have any formal plan of meeting any certain characters. We did know that we’d be meeting the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy) at Chef Mickey’s, and Jake at Hollywood and Vine.
We ended up running into many characters completely randomly and getting their signatures in our books! We regretfully just missed Gaston...but he told us to enjoy the view as he walked away.
The boys had a complete blast and several of the talking characters and cast members assisting them complimented their unique books!

It was also great because their books had their first names on them; the characters that spoke would often see this and call our boys by their names. They were so overjoyed every time this happened, and completely convinced that they just knew who they were!

One tip that Melissa from Real Mom’s Disney shared with me while I was planning our trip, was to take a clickable Sharpie pen for the characters to use. They don’t have their own pens and taking the caps off a regular Sharpie is difficult for the characters that are wearing gloves!

Whether you buy a book at the park or have one custom made, you’re sure to have fun meeting with the characters and collecting their autographs!

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